Daniel Jansson, Interaction Designer & Tinkerer

Welcome to Switch & Lever, the online home of interaction designer and tinkerer Daniel Jansson.

I recently graduated from Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden with an MFA degree in interaction design, working on the topic of prototyping wearable technology and extending human senses. If you haven’t already look for the nuSense project on this site. I focus on prototyping and experience, always seeking to create something which gives an unexpected kick. Give me a well equipped workshop, a soldering iron or some code and I’ll smith you something interesting!

Why don’t you stick around and explore for a while? Or just play around with the beards, they are fuzzy, in a pixely kind of way.

I’m currently looking for employment, both permanent and freelance. If you have a position, or a project, which you think I would fit for do not hesitate to send me an email at daniel@switchandlever.com.